All about quizzing

Getting Started


In order to quiz you will need the following materials:

Other materials, while not required, will help:


Costs vary depending on where you live, how many quizzes you attend, etc. Assuming your church is located in Southern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois and you have 1 team:

All quizzes Only conference quizzes
Gas $500 $200
Registration $100 $100
Lunches $130 $80
Materials $100 $100
Total $830 $480


Do we have to quiz the entire season?
No. While it is encouraged for your team to quiz the entire season, there may be external reasons why you cannot attend a quiz meet. Starting mid-season is also fine!

Doesn't coaching take a lot of time?
Yes and no. Coaching will consume as much time as you want it to. Some teams practice an hour a week. Preparation can take a few extra minutes if you purchase study materials. If you make your own materials, come up with creative games, etc it can take much more time!